Just Not Sorry! (the backstory)

This is the behind the scenes story of the how the team at Cyrus Innovation came to build Just Not Sorry, a plug in for Gmail that highlights you when you type “just” “sorry” and a few other undermining words.

The Problem:

A few weeks ago, I was at brunch for the League of Extraordinary Women organized by Sarit Wishnevski. After watching some Amy Schumer clips, the group was discussing how we all shared the same bad tendencies to use “just” and “sorry” when we knew that we shouldn’t.


I turned to Gillian Morris and said “If we made a gmail plug-in that highlighted these trigger words, would you use it?”

This is my bitmoji… it has a striking resemblance

The Tool:

Just Not Sorry is a Google Chrome plug-in that underlines words that undermine your message. It takes 3 seconds to download and then every email you write is reviewed for trigger words.

Message with trigger words underlined by Just Not Sorry

Why this is important:

When someone uses one of these qualifiers, it minimizes others confidence in their ideas. Whether you’re persuading an investor to provide funding, announcing a change in direction to your colleagues, or promoting your services to a client, you are building their confidence in you.

What’s Next:

Our friend Emma Sinclair suggested that Just Not Sorry should be women’s New Year’s resolution for 2016. We created www.justnotsorry.com to help people publicize their desire to change.

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